Tony Duff's Gampopa Teaches Essence Mahamudra PDF

By Tony Duff

ISBN-10: 9937572088

ISBN-13: 9789937572088

Th is publication begun as a translation of the "Interviews" portion of Gampopa's Collected
Works. Interviews or query and resolution periods as they're actually called
in Tibetan are documents of the private interviews of a good instructor with those
who come to work out him. Th ese are among the main fascinating writings to be
found in Tibetan literature as a result of very own caliber present in them.
Th e interviews component to Gampopa's accumulated Works includes interviews with
four of his maximum yogin disciples-the fi rst Karmapa Dusum Khyenpa, resource of
most of the entire lesser Kagyu lineages Phagmo Drupa, Lord Gomtshul, and Yogin
Th e remarkable characteristic of those interviews is the non-public teachings on Essence
Mahamudra, the final word transmission of Mahamudra in the Kagyu lineage.
In one consultation after one other, Gampopa finds the entire teachings of Essence
Mahamudra to his most appropriate disciples in a completely own, pointed, and
practical demeanour. one other characteristic is that those interviews provide a truly transparent picture
of how final Mahamudra was once taught within the early days of the Kagyu lineage.
Yet one other function of those interviews is that most of them are notes that
were taken instant or written out simply after the interviews. As such, they are
historical documents which offer us a truly own experience of Gampopa and those great
disciples and what they went via on their own trips to enlightenment.
More than that even though, the reader will get a different effect of the personalities
involved via their very own, hand-written records.
Because the interviews are so focussed on Gampopa's presentation of Mahamudra,
two extra texts from his accrued Works have been extra to offer one other experience of his
way of educating it: fi rst, a quick textual content that's the foundation of his well-known "Four Dharmas
of Gampopa" educating, and moment, a medium-length textual content which documents an oral
teaching he gave at the whole direction of Mahamudra.

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26 27 For kaya and four kayas, see the glossary under kaya. 28 These "three characteristics", as they are called, of the innate disposition of mind is one of the core teachings of Essence Mahamudra. Being stoppageless is the prime feature of the sambhogakaya aspect of mind-see stoppageless in the glossary. Identification is the specific way in which rational mind knows i1s concepts of objects. See under conceived-of thing in the glossary. 29 °For mindness, see the glossary. 3 PRECIOUS GARLAND OF THE SUPREME PATH · 11 ing it, it will be taken into the four k:ayas.

This theme is also described further in various places in the interviews. " "Realization" in "realization of the entity" is a special use of the word realization found in Essence Mahamudra. It means that the entity is seen nakedly and dearly. It does not mean that the initial realization of the entity in direct perception has been developed with practice. Thus, there is realization and there is realization which has been developed through meditation on it. This kind of realization alone is potent but when developed through meditation is very potent indeed.

The five facultiesso taken into practice like that results in the training up of prajna's capability and of enlightenment minds 1 being without hardship, relatively speaking, which makes the five forces. By bringing on ·an interdependent connection of method and prajna in that way, the capability of the prajna is trained up and, within that, the enlightenment mind is aroused, whereby all thoughts and knowerss 2 turn into assistants of enlightenment, making for the limbs of enlightenment. With everything being known as a limb of enlightenment, you use discursive thought but, because it does not shroud you, it turns into the path, making for the Eight-fold Path of the Noble Ones.

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